Social contribution

Sustainable Supply Chain

Supplier Code of Conduct

ECOPRO HN is committed to enhance the quality of people’s lives and deliver more convenience by introducing new energy and environmental improvement technologies. To achieve this, we are doing our best to be an enterprise that contributes to the development of human culture, such as environmental protection and health and welfare improvement of local communities, while adhering to the principles of human rights protection and respect.

The Purpose of This Code

ECORPO HN sets forth the standards for our suppliers and business partners to uphold human rights, protect the environment, and engage in responsible business practices. Essentially, it outlines the guidelines for compliance when engaging in business with us, with a specific focus on human rights, safety, health, environment, responsible sourcing of materials (minerals), and conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner. It applies to all suppliers engaged in business transactions with us, and we expect all our suppliers to fully adhere to and comply with this Code.