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Adsorbent and Chemical Filter

Research Direction

Research Direction

AMC, a variety of harmful substances in the clean room of semiconductor and display processes, lowers the yield of the product and is harmful to workers. Recently, high integration has progressed rapidly in the IT industry, including semiconductors, and the importance of removing harmful substances in clean rooms is increasing day by day. Through technological advancement, EcoProHN is developing high-functioning adsorbents and chemical filters necessary to improve air quality in electronic product manufacturing clean rooms and living environments. We are striving to develop ESG-oriented products to lead eco-friendly management.

* AMC : Airborne Molecular Contamination (Volatile Organic Compounds, Acid Base Gas, Ozone)

Major Research Areas

  • Development of high-functional adsorbents and catalysts
  • Development of chemical AMC purification filters for semiconductor and display fabrication and manufacturing equipment
  • Development of technologies to remove bad odors and harmful gases
  • Development of filters to improve indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Development of filters for various analysis equipment


Various ion exchange resins and various adsorbents

Chemical adsorption of micropores to maximize reaction area

Customized product design and development for customer needs