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Ecopro was founded in 1998, along with the Kyoto Protocol and the global call for the environment business.

Since then, Ecopro developed reduction device for PFCs catalyst, greenhouse and hazardous gas, chemical filter technology, energy saving VOC removal system, and lead the Korean environmental business as the one and only company in the field of air pollution prevention and post processing.

And in May 2021, the environmental business division of Ecopro starts fresh as Ecopro HN. Fine dust reduction solution / Remove VOCs, the cause of fine dust from heavy industry, automobile and chemical industry Greenhouse gas mitigation solution / Contributes to environment protection by degrading greenhouse gas from semiconductor and display industry Clean room chemical filter / Remove hazardous gas emitted from inside of clean room of semiconductor and display process.

think tomorrowTECHNOLOGY for futuer

think about tomorrow. Energy and environmental technology for the future.

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    Founding Year

    May, 2021


    Kim Jong-seop

    Employee Status

    341 people

    As of March 2024

    KRW 228.9 billion

    2023 Annual Report
    Corporate Asset

    KRW 225.8 billion

    2023 Annual Report

Business Area

  • Total Environmental Solution

    We aim to impress beyond customer satisfaction by providing a total service where we identify the customer’s air environment issues, diagnose the environment conditions, and provide solutions and follow-up maintenance.

  • Chemical Adsorbent

    Harmful gases are eliminated selectively through physical/chemical adsorption using various adsorbents that are widely used, ranging from industrial facilities to purification filters for domestic purposes, vehicles, gas masks, etc.

  • Chemical Air Filter

    It contributes to yield enhancement and the improvement of work environment by innovatively controlling the harmful gases generated in the process of manufacturing electric/electronic products, such as semiconductors and displays as well as from other chemical plants.

  • GHG Reduction Equipment

    ECOPROHN’s differentiated technology can control over 99% of the greenhouse gases—e.g., PFC, N₂O and NF₃,that score high on the Global Warming Potential (GWP).

  • Air Pollution Prevention System

    We construct a system that eliminates or reduces the air pollutants and harmful substances that are emitted due to rapid industrialization.