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Microwave VOCs Reduction System

Research Area Overview

Research Direction

EcoProHN developed and commercialized a Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) reduction system using MW. By using both hot air and MW as heat sources for VOCs regeneration and catalytic reaction, energy efficiency has been improved by 30% compared to existing facilities that only use hot air. We have developed a dedicated adsorbent that can absorb MW energy at the same time as VOCs adsorption, and we are developing it to achieve the best performance.

Major Research Areas

  • Development of VOCs Adsorbent
  • Development of VOCs Catalyst
  • A Study on the Improvement of VOCs Reduction System and Microwave Efficiency


VOCs adsorption and regeneration process

Green Technology Certificate

Microwave VOCs Reduction System (1100m3/min)

Green Technology Certificate

ECOPROHN’s VOC Reduction system won Green Technology Certificate from the Ministry of Environment in November 2015 in recognition of its eco-friendliness and excellent performance.

Certification Info.

  • Certificate No.: GT-15-00233
  • Technology Name: VOC (IPA, Toluenc, MEK, PGMEA) absorption and desorption system using microwaves
  • Classification No.: T100708
  • Certification Date: November 26, 2015