Water Treatment Business


Introduction of Subsidiaries

Research Overview

EcoProHN is a leading company in the domestic environmental business. Through continuous research and development, we are strengthening our competitiveness in technology based on core materials related to the environment and energy.

R&D Investment and Manpower

R&D Budget

R&D Manpower

R&D Overview

Adsorbent / Chemical Filter

Removal of various harmful gases generated in semiconductor clean rooms and ESG development of chemical filters and adsorbents for industry and equipment

Environment Catalyst

Development of environment catalysts and systems for purifying GHG and air pollution gases generated by mobile sources and stationary sources

Microwave VOCs Reduction System

Development of a VOCs reduction system and MW-specific adsorbent with more than 30% energy efficiency using MW compared to existing facilities

Battery / Electronic Materials

Development of cathode materials, electrolyte, and semiconductor applications, which are the core materials of secondary batteries